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Calibration of temperature measuring instruments and equipment is essential for maintaining accurate temperature measurements and displaying them on readouts. Regular calibration is necessary for energy efficiency, consistent quality production, and regulatory compliance in some industries. CCT Metrology offers temperature calibration services for a variety of equipment, including ovens, furnaces, and temperature measuring instruments.


CCT Metrology provides temperature calibration services both in our China-based laboratory and on-site at businesses located within a 100-mile radius of our facility. Our calibration lab is a division of CCT.

Quality and Convenience

CCT Metrology's temperature calibration services are accredited by ISO 17025, ensuring that all calibration measurements are traceable. We are committed to meeting all your calibration requirements, including providing fast and well-documented results in the form of a Certificate of Calibration. We will also send you a reminder when it's time for re-calibration based on the frequency you request.


Our lab technicians have extensive experience with temperature sensor calibration, including thermocouples, RTD probes, and thermometers, as well as other temperature measuring devices. Whenever possible, our technicians will make adjustments during calibration to bring the instrument within the required tolerance.

Fluke Equipment for Reliability

The temperature calibration lab and field services utilize advanced Fluke calibration equipment to guarantee optimal performance from temperature instruments. All calibration readings are recorded using computerized equipment and the results are output from a database to produce accurate calibration certificates.


CCT Metrology offers temperature calibration services for a variety of devices, ranging from handheld temperature measuring instruments to large ovens and furnaces. The lab utilizes dry-wells and liquid-baths that can accommodate temperature ranges between -45° C and 700° C. To meet the AMS 2750D pyrometry requirements, on-site Temperature Uniformity Surveys are conducted by technicians who take temperature readings at different locations within the oven or furnace to ensure temperature consistency. Adjustments are made as required for accurate calibration.

· Hygrometer Calibration

· Humidity

· Dial Type/Temperature w/RH Probe

· Oven / Furnace Uniformity Surveys

· Psychrometer Calibration (Dew Point/Sling)

· Pyrometer Calibration

· Recorder Calibration

· Chart Temperature

· Digital Temperature

· Humidity (Dial Type), Temperature & Humidity

· System Accuracy Tests

· Temperature Controller Calibration / Digital Readout

· RTD Probe Calibration (ITS-Coefficient)

· Thermocouple Calibration

· No Readout & Module

· Thermometer Calibration

· Bimetal, Liquid in Glass, Surface

· Digital

· Infra-Red



CCT Metrology offers a variety of temperature calibration processes, both in-house and on-site, to accommodate a wide range of instruments. To perform digital recorder and thermometer calibration, CCT utilizes a Fluke multi-process calibrator running a Met/Cal software suite designed for multi-product Fluke calibration. The calibration system is first programmed with the appropriate inspection temperatures, and then temperature readings are taken from the test instruments and compared with the programmed output to determine their accuracy. Any differences between the actual temperature and the indicated reading are recorded.

For pyrometer calibration, thermocouple calibration, and some recorder and thermometer calibration services, dry-wells and liquid-baths with temperature ranges from -45°C to 700°C are used. The liquid in the temperature baths and atmosphere in the dry wells or blocks are set to a specific temperature for calibration. Once the appropriate temperature is reached, the test instrument and a standard are placed into the bath or well to compare the readings. Special hot plates are used to calibrate surface probes and some thermometers.

Temperature calibration typically involves a 5-point inspection, unless the customer requests more inspection points.



CCT Metrology provides temperature calibration services, as well as all other calibration services, at our facility in Zhejiang for your convenience. We also offer on-site calibration for many instruments through our field technicians. We guarantee a reasonable turnaround time for every order. You can refer to our list of Calibration Services & Instruments Calibrated to learn about our NIST-traceable, accredited calibration services.

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