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CCT provides a comprehensive range of laboratory testing services to meet the needs of businesses seeking reliable information, answers, and certified test reports. Our full-service facilities offer a wide range of services, including material analysis and testing, specimen preparation, and metrology services. Our analytical testing and non-destructive inspection services support product engineering, quality control, and overflow testing needs. Our specialized analytical testing labs evaluate and analyze the mechanical properties, microstructure, and chemical composition of metallic specimens and samples, while our non-destructive testing labs identify any flaws and discontinuities in metal products of various shapes and sizes.

As your one-stop testing partner, we ensure the quality of metallic raw materials and end products, helping you with product design, material selection, production process verification, and research to resolve any issues. Our expertise extends beyond testing, with calibration services available for your equipment, material failure investigation, and preparation of precision specimens in our machine shop for testing either at our facility or for your own in-house testing.


Our engineers and other technical experts can offer help with complex testing needs. Our quality system is second to none. All services are meticulously performed using proven procedures and methods.

we have been audited and approved by tens of thousands of customers, prime manufacturers and industry organizations.we are also a fully accredited test lab and holds the following Scope:

· ISO 17025 accredited in materials testing, Fastener Testing,and metrology

· NADCAP accredited in materials and  Fastener Testing

At CCT, we take pride in our team of skilled and experienced technicians who are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient analytical testing and inspection services. Our sales and customer service team is equally committed to ensuring the highest level of customer support, with a focus on meeting the needs and expectations of our valued clients.

ASTM Specifications and More:

we have a history of being a highly qualified  testing labs for over 22-years. Testing and inspection are performed to many GB,ISO,ASTM, ASME, EN, NASM and other industry specifications.

Metal Testing Expertise:

Metal and alloy testing has been our specialty since 2001, so we offer a full array of destructive and nondestructive services for these materials. 

Convenient Added Services:

we also provides specimen machining and failure analysis services, as well as dimensional inspection and calibration services performed by our Metrology Lab.

Turnarounds to Meet Your Needs:

we are equipped with the latest high-tech equipment for efficiency and reliability. Our standard turnaround times are very competitive, but Same Day, Next Day and 3rd Day rush services are also offered for your most challenging situations.

Test and inspection results are documented in detailed, easy-to-read Certified Test Reports and Calibration Certificates to meet our customers’ quality assurance needs.


.Our core expertise lies in material testing and inspection for metals and alloys, however, we also provide analytical testing services for other materials such as powdered metals, ferroalloys, and composites. Our knowledgeable team is available to address any inquiries related to mechanical properties, material composition, corrosion resistance, defects, and more, ensuring that our clients receive the most comprehensive and accurate results possible.

» Mechanical Testing

» Metallurgical Testing

» Chemical Analysis

» Corrosion Testing

» Fastener Testing


.Our cutting-edge NDT testing equipment is capable of handling products of various sizes and shapes, including tubing, pipe, barstock, and castings. Our team of certified NDT inspectors performs non-destructive testing that provides our clients with valuable information regarding any surface or subsurface inconsistencies, flaws, or weaknesses present in their materials, without causing any damage to the product being tested.

» X-ray Inspection 

» Ultrasonic Testing

» Liquid Penetrant Testing

» Magnetic Particle Inspection

»PAUTPhased array detection PAUT

»Ultrasonic guided wave testing

»Thickness measurement



At CCT, when metal components fail to perform as expected, our team of materials engineers can help you understand the underlying reason. Through thorough testing and analysis, we can get to the root of the problem and provide you with a comprehensive failure analysis report. This report will detail all findings from our failure investigation and include our recommendations for preventing a recurrence of the issue. » Learn More


.At CCT, we understand the importance of having accurate and reliable specimens for testing. That's why we offer the convenience of having our highly skilled machinists prepare high-quality specimens from various metals, adhering strictly to industry standards and customer specifications. This ensures that the specimens are consistent and accurate, providing you with the data you need for your testing requirements. » Learn More


We conduct third-party and first-article inspections on machined products, parts, and fasteners using conventional methods to ensure accurate measurements.including: » Learn More

» Surface Dimensions

» Fasteners with Internal and External Threads

» Special Product Features


At our calibration laboratory, we offer calibration services for a wide range of masters, gauges, and measuring tools to ensure that they meet their performance specifications. In addition, we can also calibrate other instruments such as surface plates, microscopes, balances, ovens, temperature controllers, and optical comparators onsite. We take pride in our ability to deliver reliable accuracy and timely turnaround for all our calibration services.

» Instrument Calibration

» On-site Calibration